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Year: 1933
Supporting the Jewish Congress, April, 1933
Our secretary, Harry Adler, reports of his attendance at the Jewish Congress and payment of the annual contribution to said Congress in behalf of the Pliskover Association. He speaks in praise of our support for the Congress and cooperation with so important an organization, dealing, as it does, with national affairs and problems vital to the general interest of Jewry at large. At a subsequent meeting, our delegate to the Jewish Congress reports of its plans for a mass protest meeting against Hitler's Germany, and of a proposed demonstration parade in Pittsburgh during which all Jewish shops should be closed. To the funds required for this purpose, the Association also adds its contribution. B. Clair supplements the report with a statement respecting the Congress's plan to launch a million-dollar campaign on behalf of German refuees and urges all members and non-members to contribute their share.
Source: The Thirtieth Anniversary Jubilee Book of The Pliskover Free Loan Association, 1908-1938

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