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Dear Pliskovers and Friends,

On behalf of the entire Pliskover Board, I hope this letter finds you in good health. We at the Pliskover Cemetery Association, have used the pandemic as a time to reflect and re-examine the cemetery upkeep. It was found that we had extensive work to do on the house that is on the Cemetery premises, specifically the restoration of the structural walls and the façade bricks. For the security of the Cemetery, it is imperative that we have someone living in the house and we need to maintain the house in good repair. Besides the house renovations, attention is urgently needed on the concrete walkways and the cemetery asphalt areas.

Our founders chose the location of the Pliskover cemetery (even though it was far out from the city) because it was accessible by trolley. We believe it was the last stop on that particular route. The house was first constructed on the property in 1923. It was used for many years as the service chapel before a burial. Our ancestors also arrived at the house via horse & buggy long before the present roads were constructed.

We are offering you an opportunity to be a part of our cemetery renovations. To the left of the main cemetery entrance and main parking area, we have planted a beautiful tree and placed a plaque with the names of the eleven Tree of Life victims from the October 2018 tragedy. We will be installing a brand new brick paving memorial area surrounding the new tree. This is a lovely way for you to honor family members, remember a loved one or set your name in stone for decades to come. Whatever your reason, you will leave a permanent testament of your ongoing support of the Pliskover Cemetery Association.

You can purchase as many bricks as you would like by carefully filling out the attached form and returning it to the Pliskover address with your payment. Payments are also accepted through PayPal using the link below. Please feel free to use the form for your multiple purchases.

The price for a 4” x 8” brick is $125.00

The price of an 8” x 8” brick is $225.00

You are limited to about 80 characters on a small brick and 160 on a large brick.

Please send in your brick order form ASAP to be included in the next installation segment. This will, hopefully, be an ongoing fundraising project. We can expand the initial area for more engraved bricks as the requests grow.

The major financial projects have been extensive and expensive. We ask that you consider being a part of this major undertaking to maintain the beauty of our beloved Cemetery which was started by our ancestors. We are a unique organization that needs your help to maintain the foresight that our landsleit had over 100 years ago. We are perhaps the only non-Congregational cemetery in Western Pennsylvania still self-governed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at pliskover@pliskover.com

Thank you very much for your continued support. It is greatly appreciated!!

Best regards & thank you!!

On behalf of the entire Pliskover Cemetery Association Board.


1. Fill out the proper order form for either the 4x8 or 8x8 brick:

The order form for 4x8 bricks is available on this site by clicking here.
The order form for 8x8 bricks is available on this site by clicking here.

2. Send in the order form by either printing it out and mailing it OR by saving it as a PDF file and emailing it.

Pliskover Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 8237
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

3. Make a payment with either a Debit or Credit Card using the link below, or include a check with your mail-in order form made out to Pliskover Cemetery Association.