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In commemoration of the Jewish community of Pliskov, one of the towns in the vicinity of Berditchev wantonly destroyed by the Hitler hordes, a Nachlah is being established on some 200 dunams of land at Tselafon in the Jerusalem Corridor.

The project, which will cost $25,000, was undertaken by the United Pliskover Memorial Organization of Pittsburgh, together with Pliskover landsleit from other American cities. Heading the venture are Harry Roth, Ben Smoler, Baruch Clair and Saul Bond, all of Pittsburgh, as well as Maurice A. Weiner of Cleveland and Samuel Specter of Erie, PA.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Levine, members of the American Histadrut Delegation which recently visited Israel, made a trip to the site of the Pliskov Nachlah.

The caption of the above photograph read, "Pliskov is no more. Its name is now commemorated in the Hills of Jerusalem by a nachlah established by the United Pliskover Organization of Pittsburgh."

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