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This testimonial was delivered with the Parchment to locate the Nachlat Pliskov tract of land.

"The Land of Nahlat Pliskov, comprising an area of 150 dunams (equivalent to 37-1/2 acres) is situated in the Kills of Judea, 2 kilometers to the south west of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Railway Line, 10 kilometers ot the west of Shaar Hagai and approximately 30 kilometers west of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

"Neighboring settlements are: Tal Shachar, 4 kilometers to the north east, Tsora 8 kilometers to the east and Revadim 7 kilometers to the west.

"The land of Nahlat Pliskov is leased for cultivation to the settlers of Tselafon, a workers' cooperative village, composed of new immigrants from the Yemen."

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